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Lunch Specials! We do comfort food right!
MON. 10/9  - Chicken & Dumplings!
TUES. 10/10 - Pot Roast!
WEDS. 10/11 - Baked Ziti w/ Garlic Bread!
THURS. 10/12 - Prime Rib Sandwich w/ French Fries or Chips!
FRI. 10/13 - Catfish (fried, grilled, blackened) hush puppies and cole slaw!


Buckeye’s Getaway Menu in Atlanta, Georgia

Food Done Right

We celebrate with food. We communicate with food. We comfort ourselves with food. It’s probably safe to say that we center most of our activities around eating, and that’s the way we like it. So for every occasion, choose the food that’s made right. Explore our menu and call to place an order today. With our homemade fries, expertly grilled burgers, and an array of salads, soups, and sandwiches, we’ve got something for everyone.